Festival at the Farm


September 15th and 16th 2018

Gates are open from 1:00 pm -  10:30 pm. 

Prowse Farm

5 Blue Hill River Road

Canton, MA 02021


Adjacent to four major highways: 
Festival at the Farm
Festival at the Farm
Festival at the Farm
Festival at the Farm
Festival at the Farm

Parking is free and onsite.  No shuttles, no hassle.



We live in complicated times.  Because of this,  Festival at the Farm is working hard to assure that everyone is safe and comfortable at our event.   Please take a look at the information below which can help act as a handy guide for what is allowed and what is not allowed at Festival at the Farm. 

Regarding chairs - Yes, folding  chairs are allowed into the festival!    We hope that all of our attendees will be respectful and not create a massive "saved space" zone with chairs and blankets that could infringe upon other people's ability to enjoy the show.  


Tents and chairs with pop-up shade tops are not allowed into the festival.  

Please note that chairs and blankets will not be allowed in front  of the soundboard in the concert field.   Folks up front should be able to dance move around freely.

Regarding Tailgating -   No tailgating is allowed onsite or in the parking lot.  The lots will be monitored.   This also applies to party buses and RV's.   Party buses are RVs are strongly discouraged and will be instructed by our parking attendants to drop off all attendees and park  away from the festival grounds in a special lot nearby.   

For more, please visit our FAQ Section.




Please understand that due to high demand, we may not be able to fully accommodate all requests.  If you are interested in and are planning preview coverage of the Festival At The Farm 2018, contact Adam Klein at adam@callananklein.com for photos, interviews, and other information. All applications must be submitted by September 1, 2018. 

Please note: For all affiliated freelance photographers and writers, we require an email directly from your editor from an email address affiliated with the publication. Please email this letter to adam@callananklein.com. We are unable to credential freelance photographers or writers who are not officially on assignment for a publication. If you are affiliated with a band, you must still submit an application through this form and your entry will be applied to the band's allotment of comps.




Are you an attendee with questions?  We would love to hear from you...Send along an email and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for reaching out to Festival at the Farm. We will be reply to you as soon as possible. - Thanks!