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We are looking for artists and crafter vendors that bring passion and personality to their business and products.  We love real people that make or sell unique items and handmade goods! 

The fee for an artist/crafter space is $500.00 for a 10'x10' space, $700 for a 10'x20' space or $900 for a 20'x20' space


All vendors must commit to being onsite both days. 


The fee includes vendor staff credentials.  Additional vendor tickets must be purchased. 


Tax ID certificates are required from every vendor and must be displayed onsite.


A certificate of insurance is required from every vendor. 


Vendors must supply their own tents, tables, chairs and lighting.  Any tents larger than 20'x20' will be required to be treated with flame retardant. The fire department requires a certificate or other evidence of approval by a laboratory of recognized standing or the report of tests made by other inspection authorities as evidence that the tent fabric materials have the required flame resistance.


All tents are required to be weighted and secured properly. Unpredictable weather and wind can come up at any moment creating a safety hazard if the canopy is not properly secured.


Sufficiently weighted tents will have at least 40 pounds per leg and double that on a 10x20 tent. 


Weights should not cause a tripping hazard

Weights should be tethered with lines that are clearly visible

Weights should have soft edges to avoid causing cuts and scrapes

Weights should be securely attached

Weights should be on the ground (NOT above people’s heads)


There is to be no staking into the ground whatsoever.

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